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Aug. 28th, 2015


this blog is less dead than my love life.
and that's saying something.

Apr. 29th, 2013

(no subject)

omg. I have left this place dying. Biane---
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Aug. 1st, 2011



I'm not trying to say goodbye to this place it's just that goodbye´s are hard.
it's just that i have to say goodbye to this family and move to other one,
When i was younger i thought that the person who is leaving has it easy. because he/she can leave the old and begin with the new.And i though that someday would be nice to say goodbye and you would be missed. But today i discovered that is not the case. say goodbye to or you're told are both hard.it's not "i'm never going to see them" it just a year.
But still they are hard and hateful words. Goodbye has this evil signification about it.

Wow how i love this place and i can talk about every kind of trash here. some are like wisdom of gold :D
But right now thinking about storys :D

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May. 13th, 2011

Rain how I love the..

Today was a great evening.It was raining.And because it was raining I still went cycling.Because i have done that about a 2 weeks now.And today it felt awesome. First i didn't see anything. I had hard time holding my eyes open.Then I thought I'm going to die.And it is Friday the 13.But thank god it's actually my lucky day.Anyway then i ride and I ride.It starded to feel good. All the rain and no people around. I just felt so free like. Who cares if i get wet or my clothes after are like wet rags.I just felt free. I didn't thought about nothing.Just like when you where little.Running around in the rain with your friend.Or when your mother didn't let you outside yet then when rain stoped and sun shined out.You could go outside and jump in the puddle with bare feet.It was so warm and slimy.and then you could see the rainbow.Isn't nature awesome. Actually I saw few people around.Mmh i saw mother and son riding theyr bikes. And a couple.and some people who were running away to get cover.I really loved to ride through puddles.If it was a big one i would lift my legs up while riding through.
At the end I was so wet.I had to put my wet rags in to the corner and just had a shower. It felt nice and relaxing.Now my internet is crashing and i hope it survives a little for me to put this up.Bye for now or like see you in 6 months :D
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Mar. 26th, 2011

Writer's Block: Around the world

If you won a trip to anywhere, where would you go, and why?

Japan. :D:D

Feb. 26th, 2011

Writer's Block: Round and round

Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest?

right now it's 嵐-boom boom

Dec. 20th, 2010

[Fic.]-Puppy love.Chapter1-??

Title : Puppy love
Author : Tullu
Rating : PG
Pairing(s) : Aiba Masaki/Matsumoto Jun and maybe more
Disclaimer : entirely a work of fiction.
Warning(s) : no warning(s) yet :D:D
Summary :Jun opens a new hairsalong in his old hometown and then there the story starts.

I'm so bored:said Jun silently and wiped the floor in his new hairparlor alone.he sat on a chair and thouth that did he really did a right thing coming in his old hometown to open a hairsalong.He does'nt know nobody and here so few people live here.I should have stayed in the city and find a new job:thought Jun and spinned with the chair.He was spinning a sometime when he stand up.I know..advertisement:said Jun and smiled.wait i don't have any money,everything went into this:thought Jun and sat back in his chair and stared to spin again.

When he heard doors opening and someone rushed in.Ah Welcome:said Jun jumped from the chair and bowed.When he lifted his head he saw a young man holding a small white dog.Great you are open,I need your help:said the young man and came in.Yes what to you need is it a new haircut or..:wanted Jun to say when the young man gave him a dog to hold.He needs a wash:Said the young man and smiled.Eh I think you misunderstand we deal with people not animals:said Jun and looked at him.Is it a person or an animal it's not that  big of a deal.You have to wash him only:Said the young man and stared to take things out of his bag.It is a big deal and why aren't you washing him yourself:said Jun while raising his voice.the young man raised his hand and it was in a cast.But your other hand is free and this place is for people,you don*t have any right to barge in and demand that i have to wash your dog!:said Jun angrily.

The young man looked at him and smiled.Don't worry I will give you your cut but i'm in a hurry his owner is coming back in 15 minutes:said the young man and started to wash a dog in a sink.Wait aren't you the dogs owner?:asked Jun and helped to wash the dog because the young man was doing a lousy job.No I'm across the street petshop owner:said Aiba and opened shampoo bottle.But why don't you wash him at your own shop?:asked Jun.I was the only one there and I needed some help:said aiba.Why didn't you refuse then?:Asked Jun.

I couldn't the owner came in gave me the dog she told me what she wanted and left,I tried to talk to her but she talked too fast that couldn't say anything and suddenly she took off.I tried do to it myself but Pepe struggeled  and it was difficult and then i saw your parlor and thouth someone might help me:said Aiba.Pepe?:asked Jun and looked at Aiba.Pepe:said Aiba laughing and pointed at the dog.Pepe barked happily.Jun laughed as well.When they rinsed Pepe,then Aiba putted him on a table so he can dry him up but Pepe shook himself dry.Ah Pepe wait:Said Aiba throw a towel on him.Aiba looked at the clock.Is it time already:said Aiba while taking his belongings,Pepe and ran off.

Wait what about my cut:said Jun while catch Aiba but failed.He went back to the sink to see it messy.He shook his head and started to tidy up.

Notes:This is my first public fic so don't judge me.OK.Anyway it took some time and actually have to pack for tomorrows trip.Going alone to Tallinn first time and there to ship to go Aland.And doing it alone for the first time.But what about this story.I Have a ending and stuff already in my head.But If nobody says nothing about this story or it looks like Im writing for myself then i think that Im not going to but them here anymore.I give you 3 weeks(Thats how long my vacation is :D:D)Ok Don't kill me if you don't like it. and i don't really know how to but this fic in communities.about arashi love and that. All love and hate thoughts are welcome. :D:DOh and Merry Christmas and Happy new Year

Dec. 15th, 2010


Hello again. It's been along time.next week from this moment I'm on a ship and going to my sisters place.what is nice.I said that Im going to post a fic here. ok i started a one already and it's sakumoto and there is romance,murder,little hate and alot of ghosts oh and a death god :D:D but i started that just before i went to theater oh and it was great :D:D but now my story is stuck or i don't have the feel to write it. but im going to give my best and finish it.and if it's done im going to put it in here. I don't know who is going to read it. Me of course :D:D ok i have to go sleep or im going to give a that story a second chance :D

Nov. 29th, 2010

(no subject)

Hello everybody.

what to talk about then. mmh.Today im going to theater with my school. Actually everybody is going individual. but i'm still going with my brother. why because we go in same school and we are low on friends. :D the play is "When Harry met Sally"I know that there is a movie about it. Let's see. ticket was 110 eek or 7.03 eur. Oh yes we are going to use euro in january so there is everywhere how much it is in euro. Actually a funny story. I'm going on a trip to my sisters in Åland 21 december and coming back 8 january.But when i get back people are using euros so. i'm not going to see really that money change or something like that.:D
I can't wait for winter holiday. what else to talk about.( it's like i'm forced to talk here :D:D)I'm thinking that i'm going to write fanfic here. why? Because my head is full of them. oh and if you are going to read them then im sorry my english is BAD.So i have to use spell check every minute :D:D
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Nov. 23rd, 2010

Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

What's the most-played song in your music library?

Ninomiya Kazunari-niji

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